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Originally Posted by pHaestus
I was out catching some sun and some beers on the river and missed all this nonsense (assuming it's over with).

Cathar I think this forum will hold pretty steady unless hardforums goes down for good and then we'll pick up a lot of newcomers again. People new to water cooling just don't accidentally come upon procooling and register here; they go to OCers and HOCP and Anandtech instead.

I guess I'm special, as when I first found this forum and registered (under a different username as ive re-registered to all my daily forums with my new online name) it was before any of the other sites, this one I can clearly remember finding it one day, reading a bit about watercooling etc on the main site, then a week later forgetting what the site was when i really wanted to go check the forums out...

On a different note, what are other good case modding forums, as OC seemed to me to have a decent amount of useful posts in there (- the post about cold cathodes not being cold)
Note: i just started reading the OCforums like a week ago
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