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Originally Posted by maxSaleen
Notice the performance graph. We know what the intel stock cooler is like, and we can guess as to which 12cm hsf they used (thermalright xp-120), but they don't say jack about the watercooling system except for "Internal water cooling system with 120mm fan". That is pretty figgin vague. We know about the fan..... and that's about it.

It is fairly audacious for a company to claim that its HSF is BETTER than a water cooling solution. They could say this if they compared it to a SPECIFIC water cooling solution, but they seem to label water cooling in general inferior to its new HSF.
Can't you guess what they mean?

They mean sets like Thermaltake's Bigwater and Coolermaster's AQUAGATE R120 because they're cheap, popular, and crap.
I wouldn't be surprised if sets like those were indeed outperformed by Zalman's new aircooler.
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