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Basically, I could get the case from somewhere else but most are really expensive. If my stuff doesn't come soon then I may do that. Most places haven't had it in stock, though, and I've had a bad experience with Overclockers and really want to avoid them. If push comes to shove though... Also they don't have the window but I supposed I could keep the order for that and just get the case from Overclockers. I'll have to think hard cos it's getting stupid now.

For the memory for the GPU I'm getting 8 sinks.

And about the placement of the rad - I might mount it at the back hole. I've just gotta see how everything will fit in really. However, I have an MCP600 so that should easily handle the upwards climb.

And as far as the heatercores they're supposed to be some of the best around. I haven't had a chance to try mine yet, though, so I can't say for sure.

Thanks for the comments on the thread BTW. I'm thinking of making some sort of beginners article sort of thing. How I did things and why etc.

P.S. It's my birthday today (21st - for which my dad is getting me all this stuff!)
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