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It's better to have the fan sucking air through the rad. Or in fact, better still is to have one suck and one blow. If I mount my rad at the back I'll have it sucking air in to the case and have the top hole sucking air out. I can't position it at the front bottom cause I'll have to cut out a lot of the case which I don't wanna do (the HDD rack is made for silent mounting - would be waste to get rid of it).

Yeah. I almost got the Tweakmonster ones until I realised they wouldn't fit. I'm ordering the other ones but they are out of stock at the moment. Kinda lucky my case hasn't yet come then. I'm waiting for a reply from Amazon and Overclockers so will prob re-order this week.

EDIT: Oh, and for the shroud my mums boyfriend is making it. I suggested he makes one either side and bolts them together through the radiator (carefully). Then I'll mount one shroud to the case and the other to the fan. Yours looks a little small It doesn't look like you can easily bolt that on. Maybe you could try some strong duct tape or something. You could epoxy it but you may want to take it off at a later date.
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