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Hmmm, fan sucking air ? It just seems odd that when it comes to heatsinks the fan blows "onto" them ... Try blowing on your hand, then try sucking, which is cooler ? Can we do polls in this forum ? Just curious if anyones got any real stats trying either ???
The reason for this is that flow seperates really easy when there is an adverse pressure gradient (e.g. blowing out), but generally stays attached when there is a positive pressure gradient. This is why jet engines have a huge compressor at the front and a tiny turbine at the back.
With a radiator, there is a shroud in place so the air has nowhere else to go except through the radiator. Hence, the same amount of air will go through sucking or blowing. The only differences are that the air will be more turbulent if being blown (helping heat transfer slightly), and the fan is (apparently - I'm still aircooled) quieter when sucking.
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