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Default Re: General SnapOS FAQ S2S File permisions

I learnt this ages ago, so posting here for all to benefit.

This is 4100 running SnapOS 4.0.860 (UK) and Snap extension s2s (not the new one!).

So you have two Snap servers replicating overnight. The trouble is, the file permissions do not get replicated, so the second box has no file permissions and if you need to switch to that, you are in trouble!

On the main server (replicating FROM), goto Security->File/Folder Security. You will see an option to 'Save File/Folder Security'. So save it :-)

Once this is complete, the server has saved several files containing the permissions structure. Map in the server TOP level share in Windows Explorer using 'root' account and password. Opening this you will see a hidden directory called 'os_private'. In this directory are the files you need - IGNORE the java and temp folders here.

Copy all the *.dat and *.dat.bak files to another safe location. Disconnect the map drive and exit the server.

This part is now complete.

Ensure you have a nice new replica on server#2 (replicate TO server). Now map in server#2 using root account and password. Open up os_private and delete all the *.dat and *.dat.bak file there - you may need to do this several times as some are re-created on the fly. Once this is done, copy the files retrieved from server#1 os_private/ to server#2 os_private/ (overwrite as necessary).

Once that is complete, in the web interface goto Security->File/Folder Security and select Restore File/Folder Security. Then you will see the date of the 'saved permission files' from server#1 in the window to use. Restore it!

Once that is complete, you will now find all the files on server#2 have the same file permissions that are on server#1

One thing to note is that SHARES are local - on server#2 you will have to add permissions to the SHARES manually - but once done, you do not need revisit unless new shares are created on server#1, so you will have to recreate.

The main thing here is to ensure server#2 has a latest replica of server#1 before you do this.

Hope that helps somebody.

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