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Default Re: Seagate, warranty period, unknown.

Seagate told you the truth.

Most drive manufacturers sell their drives through various different outlets. This includes boxed retail, OEM, and white box (bare oem drives) drives. But to add to this, many outlets will negotiate deals for larger number of drives etc etc etc. In these negotiations, quite often the warranty period is negotiated as well (both longer and shorter), or a price increase or decrease. Meaning, what Dell pays, HP pays, Best Buy pay, your local outlet pays, Newegg pays, etc etc etc etc, can be very diferent prices based on possible negotiations. Thus, various different batches o drive serial numbers can have different warranties.

While there may (or may not) be a standard base warranty for a given drive, tech support will need to know what batch the drive came from to know for sure on any given drive.
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