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Default Re: Introduction & A Few Questions

Well as it stands I had to use the money I was going to put into this NAS into a Compy for the GF's daughter, she just started college. Kinda a bummer there on the NAS project, not the college

On a similar note the I retested all the drives while building/fixing some new compys; and all the drives checked out save a few relocated sectors on one of them. So I rebuild the raid as a 10 and it's been running for over a week with no errors... weird. I do still need to get the ram, as any transfers approaching and over a gig are pretty slow, 10 - 18 MB/s, but anything under 500 mb is at 50+. I assume this could be linked to the RAM, but the network here at work is kinda wonky for the lack of a better term.

So until I get over $500 saved up again, I'm going to have to put off the SATA conversion, which is a def bummer.

The main issue I seem to be posed with right now is the need for a NAS at home. I dismantled the one I had because I needed some of the parts to finish 3 other computers for GF's kids and a friends kids (man, help out one, and they all bitch that the others is better). It was a FreeNAS setup on a P4 with a promise raid controller and (4) 2 TB barracuda's (will never use those in a raid again, bad failure rate, chirping drives, but they were cheap at the time and use to have spares). I was never very pleased with the performance of that setup, but it also doubled as my firewall (endian) and a media server so it was handy to have.

So I updated the DD-WRT router to replace the firewall. I'm OK with that until I can find a freebie on Craigslist to use for endian (not even sure I will bother, but I might get bored).

But the NAS MUST get replaced. I only have one of the 2 TB drives left and it's sitting in may main with (2) 1 TB's being mirrored with Goodsync and they are way to close to full. Burned some data to Bluray but ran out of discs. As it stands I'm not losing to much sleep over it but, data lose in this setup is never completely out of my head (annoying).

So any advice on a 4 bay Snap that is quiet enough (19-20 dba ish) and would not break the bank (under a grand with drives, looking to buy in about 6 weeks). Was also curious if I SATA converted a older Snap unit how well the WD AV drives would work it. I need about 4-6 TB of storage, but might be able to justify 6-9 with the price of the AV drives. We have been using the PS3's (3 in the house) to stream video apposed to burning it; allot more frequently. To the point of not wanting to go back to discs. So the media folders are getting quite Massive.

I was looking at possibly getting a Synology DS412+ with (4) 3TB Western Digital AV-GP's. But at $1400 right now, that's more then I wanted to spend. I do how ever like a lot of the features of the Synology OS.

Any thoughts are wanted and welcome.

Oh yeah ... Nice to have the forum back up .. was wondering if it was coming back up there for a while.
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