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Default Re: Introduction & A Few Questions

I myself prefer the 4400 as I think it is a more solid unit and a bit quieter.
I find it funny that the 4400 is that much quieter then the 4500. It looks like they use the same Delta fan, which can't be the case. I looked at replacing my 1012VH with a 1012L but I'm not sure if it will be enough to cool it. And the power requirement between the two are radically different.

I have a 4400 I was going to put up for sale later this fall (since I have two SanBloc S50 units) if you are interested. It has 4 x 500 GB WD AV drives in it and GOS 5.2. If you are interested, shoot me a reasonable offer.
That unit is a definite possibility; and answered my question about the AV's. I assume it's still the IDE interface with the 500's. They will get replaced with 2(ish) TB SATA's. I'll have to see what I can come up with here in a few weeks.

Uh, relocated sectors is a failing drive. Replace the drive ASAP...
Yes and no, the relocated sectors have not changed in a week or so it may last for while(none critical data in this raid). I have a line on a Maxtor 250 locally for 35 bucks, so I'll swap it out in a bit. I do have a Samsung F1 that has had the same 32 (iirc) sectors relocated for the last 2 years .. the drive is still solid .. unsure if it was just a minor defect in manufacturing or what but I have seen many drives last quite some time with small numbers of relocated sectors. I have also seen odd differences in programs reading smart data, that I don't even remotely understand.

Well, my many years of experience has taught me at least one valuable lesson over and over. The probability of failure is directly proportional to the lack of backups. I think it is one of the Murphy's Laws. And sadly, it has always held true.
Agreed, I was considering getting a 3TB USB as a inexpensive backup for the NAS's but I have not looked into if a GOS unit can make use of it or not. If not well time to buy more Blurays (but that's like 30+ discs to burn .. not really thinking that's the best option).

There's a lot of data I can dump but again Murphy's Law kicks in ... I'll dump 200 GB of HD images and one of those people will call me needing there computer fixed again. And then it's time to start from scratch again LOL. I also find it laughable that when I rebuild & tweak a computer for someone and give them the restore images 6/10 people will misplace the media within a very short period of time.
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