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Default Re: Introduction & A Few Questions

I hear ya, but trust me, the 4400 is a lot quieter than a 4500. The fan is similar, but a different model. Also, while it spins up pretty good when booting, once it gets up and running, that fan slows way way down.

So make me an offer. If the offer is decent enough, I might consider throwing in a set of adapters.

BTW, do not count your chickens on the AV drives before they have hatched. That is in a 4400 (which seems to be less sensitive to timing issues). MANY, and I do mean MANY, of the Non RAID or Non Red WD drives, including the AV drives, do not work well in RAID arrays. This set works great in this unit, but I cannot vouch for others units or other WD AV drives.

JMO, but in my experience, if you have ANY relocated sectors, the drives life is limited after that.

I used to do the same thing. I gave people restore disks, then they would lose them. After a long time with that headache, I came up with a solution. Simple. With restore disks they could do the restore themselves. If they needed me to do it, it was cheap. If they needed me to to do it, and they had lost the restore disks, it got expensive. Funny how they started keeping track of the disks after that. Now before you tell me about the friends and family that you do it for free, I used to do that too. But if they lost the disks, I told them I wouldn't do it free anymore. They learned too.
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