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Originally Posted by JSimmons
By the way, I just noticed that Linksys has a network storage appliance that supports two drives via USB 2.0, and the OS is Linux. There's even articles on the web describing how to hack the box. It's only $80 at NewEgg (doesn't include the hard drives). Tell Adaptec to go screw themselves.
Not quite a worthy replacement. You still have to supply external usb drives to it which makes it rather cumbersome and 2 drives does not raid 5 make. At the end of the day, you'd have a snap replacement that comprises 3 devices and the total bill would be 300 or so dollars US plus. When you use usb drives, you are really just using a usb to ide bridge and a case. There are plenty of good alternatives to Adaptec that would be more like a replacement to a snap server. BTW, Snap's Guardian OS IS Linux based as well. If there was enough interest, somebody could certainly make a small Snap OS replacement based on Linux. I wish I was talented enough to do it myself. I'd still like to know if SnapOS's proprietary license violates the many Gnu or Bsd licenses with programs such as Samba and so forth. Any changes they made have to be published and at least the source code would have to be available with the purchased SnapOS4. I'm very sure that they did NOT come about Server 2003 capability by using Microsoft code but rather recent improvements to Samba. I think the questions need to be raised since it may just be that THEY are in violation as well. Imagine upgrading Samba in SnapOS and then charging a fortune for the new capability. Hmmmm..........
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