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Default Re: Unable to log into Snap 2000 from Vista

unfortunately I can confirm there is still an issue with deleting any NON EMPTY folders on the Snap from the Vista client. You are correct holzinet, I am seeing the same problem even after changing the authentication to LM and NTLM in the security policy. I am going to play around with a few more settings in Vista and see what I can come up with.

I would REALLY like to hear from anyone that has been able to get Vista to communicate with the Snap shares that IS NOT running 4.0.860 of the OS. As holzinet has suggested, I wonder if the 4.0.860 implementation of the Samba server is different than the version, and not as compliant as it previously was, or if this is just a Vista problem in itself.

Actually, what I am seeing is I can't delete ANY folders from within Vista on the Snap that existed BEFORE I did the OS upgrade. Any NEW folders I create I can delete. I have checked permissions on the Snap over and over, and there is nothing that looks incorrect. I CAN delete the folders that existed before the upgrade from ANY XP machine though.
Snap Server 2000
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Hardware: 2.0.0
BIOS: 2.0.282
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