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Default Re: Guardian OS units

I would run SpinRite on the drives. More than likely there is marker wrong an it will repair it.

You should be able to get in to the recovery console. This is an option on v3 on up, have not looked at v2. Watch the terminal screen, there should be an option during the boot process. If you can gain access to the shell, use the "touch /nopiviot" <enter> then "reboot" <enter> This will force the unit into recovery console and will wipe out all data. "touch" with out the /nopiviot may just gain access to the recovery console.

With the watchdog bios you need to give the unit an hour on startup. The os is suppose to report back to the bios. If it does not after 5 min it should reboot using the next HD continuing through all of the drives till it finds one working.

If you decide you can do with out the data, You need to test all of the drives for a working OS. More than likely it's only main boot drive that is bad.

Failing a HD or 2 should also envolk the diaster recovery console. From there you can reload or do a clean install.
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