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Default Re: Guardian OS units

I keep a (2) 20gig HD loaded with just the GOS, clean install for emergencies. When I first got my unit I did intensive testing to see how well it handled crashes during read and write process involving loosing power. I was very impressed that if you had snapshots and the required settings back upped it always recovered on it's own. I did buy a APC SmartUps 1500 with the network card for my server. It has enough power to carry it and 1 PC for about 90min. When it gets to low power it shutsdown my servers.

Your better off if you can setup a USB memory stick to boot off of. 1 user did that, but due to parts of the GOS software he could not distribute it.

Like I said 1 gig is a min for GOS units. Andy says 2 gig will give the best performance. But it all gets down to how many users are hitting your server.

The SnapOS units do not benifit much unless you have large HD's and running JAVA.
1 Snap 4500 - 1.0T (4 x 250gig WD2500SB RE), Raid5,
1 Snap 4500 - 1.6T (4 x 400gig Seagates), Raid5,
1 Snap 4200 - 4.0T (4 x 2gig Seagates), Raid5, Using SATA converts from Andy

Link to SnapOS FAQ's
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