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Originally Posted by Mad-Cat View Post
I have been playing aroudn with an old 4500 server thats still working 4.0.228 i think is the image on it working out if we should get another one this model only showing me as having 100 meg network nic in it what on earth???????? in a NAS im not sure if this is with the server image on it or what. And the fact the stupid thing going missing for 10 minutes iscsi and web page u cans till ping it but my vsphere box can see the iscsi lun at all.

i was wanting to upgrade it to a later image but 800 for a charity organization is stupid expecally when im not going to be keeping it as its 100 meg cards will not work as a backup nas for vmware. i found the 886 file but its telling me signitour is incorrect is this for older models only? i was trying to find the filre from bt as testing but non luck do other people have this issue with vmare or just me. anyway i just want to see if the gardian os will workas planned before spending more money on a newer model...

if anyone can help me with an update file would be great or how to upgrade to 886 even i just want to know its going to work.. thanks

The Snap 4500 has DUAL Gigabit ethernet ports. I seriously doubt it is the OS image causing a problem like that. Check your cables. Check your switch. Is it plugged into something that supports Gigabit ethernet? Do you have the port(s) of the 4500 hard set to 100baseT in the Network-TCP/IP section instead of AUTO like it should be?

iSCSI, well, I am not the IT/Software guru around these parts, but I do have a friend who uses his Snap Servers (4400, 4500, and 510) with iSCSI almost 100% and says it works great for him without any problems. I would suspect, OE, bad network connection (see above), older GOS issues (4.0.x is a bit old now), or problems due to failing hardware.

Overland does not charge $800 for the OS update anymore. It is much less now, but still not cheap. And, is still copyright protected.

886? Are you talking about using a windows based OS instead? I am not sure what you meant by an 886 version.

In any case, nobody (other than Overland) can give you a copy of the GOS update files without violating copyrights and puting themseleves at risk.

Note: Sorry for breaking silence people, but he asked me directly in PM, I just answered here in public.
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