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Default Overland Storage SnapOS v4 & Image File Links

Overland Storage has released the SnapOS to the public because it's way past EOL. It also has a lots of problems with any of the newer OS (>XP and MacOS v9). Overland sends/directs persons requesting support to Forums, because they no longer provide support for it. Below is a direct link to SnapOS v4.0.860 on Overlands Storage. This is a FREE Download that they have released to the public. You will need it once you have the v3 image loaded and running, link below. This v3 does not support hard disks > 128gig, NO LBA48 Support. So v4 update is required for any HD > 128 gig and if by change you need AD2003 support. I do NOT know how long Overland will keep this old file available to the public. At any time they kill the link and do not provide a replacement link, the Image file below will be removed (if it has not happen by inactivity).

Link to Overland Storage for SnapOS v4.0.860

Link to 2200 image file, what I have been told this is v3.4.803. This image will work on 2200's and most 1100's . You will need to update to SnapOS v4 update once you have it up and working. The update will also cover any files that may be missing on the image. Once you have the SnapOS updated you will also need to update JVM provided with the V4 OS Packet. 7253 KB

Once the Snap2200 image file links die I will no longer provide it any more.

Hopefully someone will provide a newer image w/4 for other to use in this thread.
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Link to SnapOS FAQ's

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