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Default Re: Large >1TB drives in GOS unit

I guess I would agree I've had perfect success with the WD "FALS" 1tb models so I've stuck with them. Unfortunately they have been discontinued in favor of the models that you can't patch the TLER. I haven't tried the other models. The "Black FALS" have worked perfectly in 550's 520's and 18000's as well as Promise 14 disk arrays and HP arrays. On the other hand we've got IBM x3650's that will only run with specific models of Seagate and Hitachi drives. The controller is IBM serverraid (Adaptec). IBM finally determined that it was a timing problem between the controller and backplane, they issued firmware fixes for the controller and backplane. Basically it locked the drive in sata 1.5gb mode. I wonder if thats the same problem some drives have in Snap Servers?
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