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Default Re: Large >1TB drives in GOS unit

I am using Seagate 1Tb ES.2 drives in a Synology unit. After a disk upgrade this crashed catastrophically. From the Synology forums it seems that a significant number of people are having problems with 1Tb plus drives in certain Synology units. Seagate have released new firmware for the ES.2 drives seemingly because of problems with these drives in Raid setups. WD users have also reported problems with certain WD drives in Synology units.

In short it seems that it isn't just with GOS units. There seems to be general issues with large drives and raid arrays and the manufacturers of Raid systems and disk drives seem to still be working through these. These problems aren't down to hardware issues, but seem due to software issues and issues that cause controllers to think a disk is faulty when it is not.
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