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Default Re: Snap 410 possible failed Motherboard

Originally Posted by Phoenix32 View Post
Pendarus, you joined 2 years before me, and yet you only have 2 posts. Why should I bother to help you? I see it as a waste of my time to help those who are self centered and won't participate beyond helping themselves.

And BTW, yes, there is an answer to your question and a specific way it has to be done to be sure to save the data. I sure hope one of your other fellow lurkers knows how and steps forward with the information for you.

Good luck with that!

Considering that my first post was to help someone with a question, and that I was the only person that attempted to help them, I would hope I could get a question answered in return.

By the way, I don't lurk here. I found this forum years ago when I bought my first Snap. I wasn't into hacking Snaps so I didn't have anything helpful to add. I answered one question and moved on.
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