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Default Re: Seagate, warranty period, unknown.

Originally Posted by Terry Kennedy View Post
True. But
No buts. I never said it was good (or bad). I just said they didn't lie to him, which you agreed. He said they lied to him and was upset about it. I just explained it to him so he would know they didn't lie to him. It is for each consumer to decide if that policy is good or bad for them.

You mention Western Digital, kind of hinting they are better with that particular policy. While that may be true, they do inform you better about what the warranty is, they do a far piss poorer job of honoring it IMO. And, also IMO, since they bought out hitachi drives, hitachi drives tech support has been crappier than before.

For myself, I have never had a problem determining if a particular drive (using the serial number) is in or out of warranty with Seagate. I also have never had a single problem getting a drive under warranty replaced (and far quicker than WD as well). WD on the other hand, has been nothing but a pain in the arse the last 5 years or so getting a drive replaced. I had a drive that showed as "in warranty" and they refused to replace it saying it was out of warranty. I also had a drive that was "in warranty" and they pro-rated it, requiring me to pay a portion of the cost of the replacement. They have been slow in turnarounds and in general, very inconsistant with honoring or replacing drives in warranty. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't, etc....

Lets also not forget that WD PURPOSELY make the firmware in their less expensive drives not work well (if at all) in RAID arrays, just so they can sell you a more expensive drive.

I am NOT a Seagate fan, trust me. But, given a choice between WD and Seagate, I will take Seagate every time. At least with Seagate, you know what you are getting and they will honor the warranty, whatever that warranty is. 5 or so years ago, this was not the case, it was the opposite, but now...

Honestly, I think "we the consumers" are screwed anymore. As near as I can tell,there are now only 3 drive manufacturers. Seagate, WD, and Toshiba. Toshiba concentrates on specialty drives, and the other two have bought out everyone else. Neither of which have been great reliable drives the last ew years.

In the end, you get to pick the lesser of evils IMO.
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