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Default 2TB Drives in a 550

I had four wd red 2tb drives left from a previous project. The 550 has/had Maxtor 250gb with Gos 5.1. I left one of the Maxtors in the 550, position 1 and replaced the other Maxtors with the Wd red 2tb drives. Starts up just fine, sees the 2Tb drives, you can make arrays and all. Let the 550 run for several hours and then shutdown. replaced the remaining Maxtor with a Wd 2TB drive. It gets as far as "loading OS" and stops. It appears the OS did not copy to any of the 2TB drives. I've done this before with 1Tb drives and all works fine. Tried starting up with Maxtor in various positions, waited hours but no OS on the new 2Tb drives. Any ideas? Are there command line commands to force the OS to copy? No I don't have the GOS cd.
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