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Default Worst case scenario

Well, I get all of my equipment together to water cool one of my computers: a new tower case, water block, radiator, pump, the works. First, the pump is a piece of crap and won't work. I ended up spending a fortune on another one. Then I realize that I need to chop my case to fit the radiator in right. I buy a dremel and chop away. Then I realize that I mismeasured and now my power supply won't fit. So I chop some more and it all was fixed. So I put everything together and my computer won't start.

Woe is the man who uses a metal cpu shim.

It dug into the top of my processor card and shorted some of the guts. I quickly had a fried processor.

So, I buy a new processor and motherboard (I couldn't OC on my other one and didn't want to risk that the damage was from that end as well) and RAM to go with the new board (I didn't run DDR before and the new one ONLY runs DDR) and after unlocking another damn XP chip I slap it all together.

I feared what would happen when I pushed power ....

Everything worked perfectly (except that the system read my XP1900 as a 1200Mhz) and I pumped my proc up to 2000+ just for giggles (I still had to install drivers and I'm going cautiously with the water system for now) and try to load windows XP.

Blue screen of death: you have a virus or hardware error and must restart. Please uninstall any new hardware before restarting.

Duh, I just replaced damn near everything!!!

So I reinstall XP and the bugger won't let me activate and I end up having to plead with this tool over the phone to get my machine activated.

After 4 days of hell and $800, I finally have my machine put back together and working at 43C under load (ambient of 90+). I'm thinking of mailing BECooling a dead skunk for sending that POS shim to me.

Anyway, I just thought you all would be entertained by my ordeal.

parts: Black Edge Waterblock, BIXr2 radiator, NurseryPro NPU500 pump, 1/2" tubing, HyperLube surfecant, 120mm panaflo exhaust fan (3x80mm intake)

I'm going to try to get a picture of this thing on the board so you guys can laugh at my pathetic @$$.
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