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Heh, the one thing I did right was NOT getting water on anything. I have the water fittings all clamped down to max pressure and double silicone sealed (except the pump intake line which if it blew would blow fluid out of the case). But yeah, I ended up buying:

1 x water block
1 x block clamp
1 x shim (MY DOWNFALL!!!)
1 x radiator
1 x 120mm fan
1 x submersible pump (never ended up using it)
1 x dry inline pump (rubber case, 500gph at 4ft rated, actual flow of 80 gph at 3ft, 7ft total length)
8ft 1/2" hose
assorted pipe fittings/adapters
1 x Athlon XP1900+
1 x Motherboard
1 x Motherboard diagnostic attachment (in case of further headaches)
1 x 256MB DDR memory
1 x Network adaptor (previous one was onboard)
1 x Silver block goop
1 x Defroster repair kit
1 x Super Glue De-cure (got too glue happy on the proc)
1 x dremel with cutting attachments (I tried a battery powered one ... yech! 5 minutes per charge. I ended up getting a high end unit and returning that POS to WalMart)

The only good thing that comes out of this whole mess (other than it working is that I got a replacement plan at CrapUSA that allows me one free product replacement during the next 12 months. If I fry my proc again, I get another free. Even better, if I dont, I'll dremel the crap out of it 11 months down the road and trade it in for whatever is new (if they don't have a XP1900+, they have to give me the AMD upgrade, be it a new Barton chip or even a Hammer). Needless to say, I'm not as worried about what I'm doing now.

Currently I'm running 2000+ at 140FSB and 1.75V and it's stable as a rock (1750 Mhz). Whenever I raise the FSB any higher it won't load WXP. I'm thinking of upping my voltage to 1.85 and seeing if that'll help, but I don't know ... my chipset didn't come with a fan and that worries me (I'm contemplating putting the AMD heatsink fan on the chipset until I have the cash to get a chipset block ... I can't figure out how to attach it, though).

Last question: I have my fan attached to the side wall of the case blowing out with the radiator attached directly to the back of it. I'm not getting hardly any airflow through it at all and I was wondering if I should flip the fan so that it's blowing into the radiator/case. With how my fans are laid out the air shouldn't ever reach the motherboard (there is a 6x6 opening in the back above the PSU for extra venting until I get a second PSU for a pelt). What are your thoughts on that?
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