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Originally posted by unregistered
haven't tried them yet, in the midst of a wb series
I'll let you know (and thanks)

if one layer is effective (small holes, close together), then 2 layers should be sufficient to preclude upward heat propagation
'look' at the gradient(s) through the bp - which is the whole wb as there is no waterbox
Thanks for answering the question I've been asking for such a long time!!! I didn't quite believe that more than a row or 2 would be effective.

As for the Lytron (Thermalex) cooling plates, I agree, the baseplate thickness isn't conducive to effectively cool a concentrated heat source. On the other hand, if the baseplate was in the 5mm order, it would probably perform as well as anything else (IMHO), but I can't help thinking about poor Kevin's water chiller experiment (failure), so I'd think twice before going that route.

I called in sick today, so the pic I promised is going to have to wait until tmo.
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