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That's a good idea! I was thinking about what I'd use as a fin, over the core area, and I hadn't figured anything out yet. I was thinking about pins, fins, and divots, but I guess I could go for a pin, and use divots everywhere else (a la #rotor).

I could even thread a hole to screw in that pin: I have to consider how it could be manufactured, just in case...

Alternatively, I could put (as you suggested) a bottom plug that would screw in: the rest could be made of some transparent material... but could a transparent block handle a 2 inch clamp? Otherwise I'm back to the innovatech concept, with anodized Aluminium, and I don't really care to get into that, unless Jaydee can source one

Thinking last night... that turbulator could be made by simply taking a copper stock plate/bar and twisting it.

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