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Default Re: Fairly Large Project: Oil+TEC Tank PC

What I'm hoping will happen is the TECs will cool the oil going to the CPU colder than the CPU can bring back to ambient. That way even after the oil has passed through the CPU block it will still be cool and keep the overall temperature of the rest of the PC fairly low.
On another note, I was thinking about your option C (the one with two separate fluid loops) But I remembered that when a TEC goes bad (and, trust me, they do) they become very good insulators. In that case I'd be depending on one TEC to transfer all the heat the entire computer makes to the radiator side... What I'm thinking is this... The computer uses anywhere between 300 and 400 watts. Just about all of the is going to heat in the case after everything's said and done. I don't want to depend on the TECs to remove all of the heat, so rather than have two seperate loops on either side of the TECs, I wanted to only use the TECs as a small supplemental temp drop right before the CPU. If they turn out to be worth it and actually drop the temp a few degrees below ambient, I might add more TECs to the loop.
Just a side note: the radiator is made for the hot side of an 800 watt A/C so it should get rid of many more watts of heat then my pc could put into it.
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