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Default Snap 410 possible failed Motherboard

Hello all!

I need some help.

I have a 410 with 4 250gb drives in a Raid 5.

One day it spontaneously rebooted. I checked the logs and found no errors. Raid was fine and did not rebuild. 24 hours later, it rebooted again. I checked the logs and found no errors, Raid still showed green and did not rebuild. An hour later it froze and stayed that way for 2 hours till I cycled the power.

Now I have a green power light, amber status light, and slots 2 and 4 have amber status lights.

I powered down and removed all the drives, labeling each one a with slot number. I powered back on, and still have an amber status light, and slots 2 and 4 are still amber. I assume the the raid chip has died. I have about 70% of the data backed up, but would like to recover the remaining 30%.

Can I move the drives to another 410? I can get a used one off Ebay.

What other options do I have?

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