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Default Re: Snap 410 possible failed Motherboard

Originally Posted by Pendarus View Post
Can I move the drives to another 410? I can get a used one off Ebay.

What other options do I have
I can't say what other options you have as i'm not an expert, but you should be ok (AFAIK) to move the drives to another 410 to recover the data. I don't own any 410's at the moment but i do own several similar GOS units and i have swapped drives between unit's of the same model and they are usually ok.

They grumble a bit because of server numbers not matching etc but usually after a couple of re-boots and the like they usually settle down.

Look at it this way, if there is no better solution offered here then you have nothing to loose because your data is lost anyway.

I would wait a while first incase there are some proper solutions offered here.

Regarding the failure in the first place, it could be something simple such as failed RAM or bad connections, dirty contacts etc. I think, if you can get hold of a second 410 for a reasonable price then it gives you some options for parts swapping or to replace the faulty unit with later on.

The most important thing is the safety of your data, so think wisely first before acting.

Ofcourse there are recovery specialists who can recover data from snap servers and raid sets but they are usually very expensive. In the order of thousands not hundreds of bucks. How much is the data worth i guess you have to ask yourself.

Sorry to be of so little help, hopefully others may be able to add more?
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