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it wouldnt make any differnce - brass and copper are very similar, brass is slightly stronger, you wont get corrosion from mixing them, however I wouldnt get plastic ones if they sell those...

Also usually in watercooling you use 1/4" thread size (im in UK so BSP for me, NPT for you) not 1/2" so these are bigger fittings, and using 1/2" barb will give too much restriction at the intake, so to reduce cavitation use 3/4" barb size. There is no good reson to use 1/2" barb size, go with 1/2" NTP -> 3/4" barb instead, most good tubing (tygon, clearflex etc..) will fit over them easly (thoguh you might need to run them under the hot tap for a few mins to soften them first).

You may even get the tubing over the pumps plastic connectors so no need for the barb, but they look a bit bigger OD, 13/16"?
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