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Originally Posted by TheXtremeDude
Sounds good, I like to also throw a block on the north bridge while I'm about it. When I advised to be careful about cross threading, it's because the Danner is plastic while the barb I used was brass. I have read good reviews of the DD TBX. I have not used any Swiftech gpu blocks, but they make some good stuff so I don't see how you could go wrong. The order looks fine also.
My case is huge because I double stacked two cases on on top the other and bolted them together, containing and exhausting the heat from the bottom case.
I used the rad from a 72 chevy PU w/air and have 4 120mm fans on the rad in a push/pull. Being as all the innards are located in the adjoining room with only the top case control panel accessible through the wall, it is virtualy silent.

Last night I switched the blocks over to all Silverprop blocks...CPU...GPU...and North Bridge blocks. I also installed brand new clearflex tubing and inspected all components. It all looks fine after over 6 months of constant 24/7 use.
What coolant mixture do you use? Is your tubing white?

Also, I already have a silent blue orb on my NB, more than enough cooling. The 875p can handle high frequencies just fine.

How are the temp on those new blocks?
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