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Originally Posted by pHaestus
Either Teflon Tape or Plumber's Goop work. With the Danner Inlet I think I'd use Plumber's Goop on the threads and not go more than finger tight. At least on the Mag3 it was very brittle.

I would also suggest, if you are going to have a bend in the inlet hose near that barb, that you put a metal hose clamp onto the outside of the inlet (close to the end) and tighten it down. Otherwise the torque from the hose bending will sometimes crack that plastic inlet and you'll spring a leak. That's what happened with my Mag3 in fact; it was fine for months but after moving hoses around in changing out CPUs and vid cards and such it finally cracked at the inlet. I was using a brass barb though. This didn't phase me as I JB Welded the inlet housing back together and the pump is still doing fine years later.

Perhaps since the mag 5 is built for higher vibrations and torque from the impeller than the mag 3 is, it might stand better. Of course Im going to be putting hose clamps on all the connections in my system.
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