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Default Re: Snap 12000 info / help?

Will tell you what we know. The snap OS seams to have a problem when the array is greater than 1.2T. 4 x 250 gig drives have never been a problem. 4 x 300 have been a different story. As long as the power supply is good, and the HW version is 3+ it seams to work. But a lot of users get the error message that you are refering to. Most (50/50) have reported errors every time it is rebooted and the snap goes through a resync. This has been tied back to a bad/weak power supply, and/or hardware v1 & 2. This is where the 12000 shines with it's robust power supplies. Now we do not see very may 12000, 12 drive model. So I do not know on how the arrays are built, meaning if you have the option to select 4 or 12 drives for the array. My guess would be 3 4 drive arrays. We had one user try to build a raid 0 with 2 x 750 gig in a 2200. The Snap OS refused to do it reporting some numbers was too large. One user that I recall tried 4 x 400gig array in a 4000. The size was cut down to 1T ( or slightly under), but had problems. After looking back we thing most of his problems ps related. But then he did not get the expected 1.2T. But I can confirm that my Guardian OS unit only created a 1.09T usable raid 5 array with 4 400gig drives. He also reported a problem with OS version on the 12000, could not upgrade to v 3.4.80x on it. Totally crashed the system and had to get Snap-Tech to bail him out. Snap-tech may be able to shine more inshight on the 12000, because he has one.

Thats my 2 cents or nickel's worth.

Phoenix32 may correct me on the 4000's issues.
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Link to SnapOS FAQ's
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