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Default Re: Snap 12000 info / help?

Thanks (I think) for the 4000 info. My current configs:

4000 w/ 300GB RAID5 Seagate models ST3300831A-RK drives only work master / slave (even with previous 30GB drives). This one emails me errors on reboot.

4000 w/ 250GB RAID5 WD drives set to cable select. No problems seen (yet).

705N w/ 120GB RAID5 WD drives running 4 years no problems (drive config forgotten).

Back from the digression...
What is the largest RAID5 array size on the 12000? I am pretty sure that it can be configured with one four drive array and one eight drive one. Is the Snap OS 4.x RAID5 limitation 1.2TB or is that only a factor with the 4000?
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