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Default Re: Snap 12000 info / help?

I'll add a 4th 12000 to your list. I've got a 12000 that I'm currently attempting to put back into service. (My 4400 is maxed out as is my 2200 and my 2000 is close.) Right now it's running with a single 120GB drive and loaded with SnapOS 4.0.860. I'm attempting to upgrade it to 250GB drives (Seagate Barracuda 7200.10s with 16MB cache) but up to now I have been unable to get the 12000 to format a 250GB drive beyond the 137GB limit. I successfully formatted one of the drives to 250GB in my 2000 and then moved it into the 12000 in the second slot but the 12000 would not verify the disk or mount it.

Right now I'm contemplating trying a different type of 250GB (a WD or a Seagate 7200.9) or possibly just giving up and stepping back to 160GB drives and lose the 23GB per drive.

Any information anyone has on if it is possible to format a 250GB drive and if so what drives worked, would be appreciated. Thanks, BDK
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