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Originally posted by Tweety
Now... I'm gonna give a suggestion going against one of my previous arguments... How about making the bottom plate squared? big enough to rest on the pads, but keep the other parts of the block the same... It will add metall to be heated, but the question is how much will this reduce performance? Is it worth it in terms of security?

BTW the clip, is it a universal heatsink clip? It looks like one in the pics but I'm not sure? Did you have to modify it? bending it to reduce/add pressure?
I don't think a large base would reduce performance. However, I do think it is unnecessary. I wish you guys could come here and grab one of the outlets and tug on it. It simply isn't going anywhere. This is the nature of the single point mount. All the force that is holding down the block needs to be overcomed before the block can actually tilt.

Personally, I think chipping dies is an outdated problem that was brought about by thermistors that were sticking up through the center of the socket. I don't think people were pushing down on their CPU before locking them in place. Then, the pressure of the HSF forced the center region of the processor to slip deeper into the socket, and CRACK!

I mean really, those four little pads are like sponges. They compress. They're not gonna stop anything from tilting significantly. So....I don't worry about it.

The clip came from an SK6 heatsink. You can also get the clip from the least expensive Dynatron heatsink. It's something like 6 bucks from Newegg. I only had to add two more pieces of my copper stock to the center of the block in order to get good pressure. I think I can easily add a third piece to get a little better tension. I wish I could get just the clip from someplace.
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