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Originally posted by bigben2k
Since you're already running it, you can do a simple test: compare your water temp to your CPU temp. If the difference is more than 10 degrees C, your design stands to be improved.
Just got some numbers on this. I bought a Radioshack Indoor/Outdoor thermometer. I put the outdoor probe into the reservoir. The readout is sitting next to the case. I also tested the water temperature with a Vicks electronic thermometer (for body temperature) Both read exactly the same.

The ambient temperature is 22.8C.
The water temperature is 31.3C.
The CPU temp is 42-43C (switching back and forth)

The difference seems to be around 11.5C difference. Is there any accounting for radiator and pump in this equation? I am using a 140gph/3' head pump and that crappy 80mm Iceberg1 radiator with 1/4" barb.

Forgot to mention....this is at 100% load, since my computer folds all the time. I have a model 680 2200+. Power ratings are 67.9W max and 61.7W typical.

My Velocity pump deal got to speak. I bought a Danner Supreme Mag-Drive 250 and I will try to hook that up with my new heatercore. That should make a real difference.

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