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Originally posted by Graystar
The ambient temperature is 22.8C.
The water temperature is 31.3C.
The CPU temp is 42-43C (switching back and forth)

The difference seems to be around 11.5C difference. Is there any accounting for radiator and pump in this equation? I am using a 140gph/3' head pump and that crappy 80mm Iceberg1 radiator with 1/4" barb.

Forgot to mention....this is at 100% load, since my computer folds all the time. I have a model 680 2200+. Power ratings are 67.9W max and 61.7W typical.
Someone check my calculations: I'm getting a C/W of 0.29 (or is it 0.17 ?!?). By comparison, WW is rated at 0.19@ 1gpm.

Your water temp is not "amazing": you ought to be able to bring it down closer to 25 degC, but I'm not sure if it's the rad or the airflow through it that's limiting you.

Either way, That's a nice CPU temp.

Sorry to hear about the pump deal falling through.
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