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Originally posted by DodgeViper
I am happy to say that my system is no longer losing water. On Friday I took the system completely apart. Check and recheck every fitting. Now here is where I do believe my problem had been. On my T line I had a plastic barb with a ¾” pipe thread. I used a plastic cap and always-just hand tighten the cap. Yes I used Teflon tape. At 6’-4” and 285 lbs. I can tighten stuff really well. On Saturday I decided to use two Channel Lock pliers and proceeded to bottom out the cap and I can gladly say I have not lost any water now in 16 hours. Before I would lose about a ½” of water in the T line and I could smell the Water Wetter in this time frame.

Glad I found this problem as I have a new Epox 8K3a+/Samsung Memory/XP-2000 on the way.
Interesting. Then maybe these plastic Danger Den (don't know the specific name of these clmaps) are not adequate. Did you mention where I can get the tool installed type band clamps you are using?
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