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Well, well, the mud has been slung? I'm not going to get into it, but if you so called "educated" persons, took ANY college thermodynamics/physics courses, you'd KNOW by de-facto that colder objects ABSORB HEAT! That's HOW they cool faster moving particles (heat), buy ABSORBING the excess energy they produce! You can have a flow rate of 10000000GPH but it wont mean a DAMN thing, unless the cooling medium has TIME to ABSORB the heat from the producing medium. It's a simple fact of thermodynamics, but I guess, so-called water-cooling wanna-be's out there think that MORE is better, which is totally false in terms of cooling.

And for the FLAWED super charger analogy.... Dude, of COURSE ALL forms of forced induction blowers (turbos, supers) produce excess heat, that's why most of them are cooled with liquid-jackets, hence oil-cooled turbos/water cooled inner-coolers and water cooled super chargers... before you make an example which does NOT at all relate, THINK first, or take a college class before you start spouting off examples that don't apply...

Simple test: You don't think 100W+ (notice the PLUS sign I indicated in the first post) source will add noticeable amounts of $ to your bills? Try leaving on a 100W bulb 20hrs/day for a month and SEE the difference in your bill... obviously you my friend, are NEW to paying your own bills with out mommy and daddy's lending hand? Hmmmm..... Cheers.

No offense, but seriously... read up before slamming folks, you'll learn a lot more from some simple relection of thought...
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