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A "small" update of the project:

1.) Instead of a normal Text-LCDs (HD44780 etc.) also a graphics LCD can be connected now, with that some more information can be indicated at the same time. I used a GLCD with the controller "T6963C" (240 * 64 pixel) here.

Here is a short video: Video of the GLCD (press button "Auf gehts" to start download)
Description of the GLCD: Regulation with GLCD

2.) The software for Windows is now also almost ready. At this time all dates of the regulation can be indicated and adapted (temperature-, fan-, regulation dates as well as all configuration data: temperature limits, sensor-fan config, etc.).
As next a small interface comes for the software "Samurize" included, with that everyone can represent the dates graphical likes he want to.
You find a precise description and even further information here: Windows Software

The most important enlargement is to be let indicate all dates in a diagram. With that one gets a very good overlooks about the regulation behavior and with that whether all attitudes are correct.
The diagram can be stored if required with a right click as a graphics file.

3.) With this enlargement bigger fans (>2W) or several can be connected at the same time. in total 6 fans with each 10 W can be connected.

Description of the fan enlargement: fan enlargement

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