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Default Re: digital temperature/fan-control wirch LCD for PC, selfmade

Ok here are now a final update of this project.

I have reworked the hole Windows Software V1.8 and added many new feature.

I have finished 2 extension for this project:

- "8 channel light control" -> "8 channel light control"
- "Emergency shutdown / alarm output / pump check" -> "emergency shutdown"

extension: "8 channel light control"

- With this extension can 8 additional light channels manages and to be programmed own light sequences. Here a short sample movie: light sequence. ( to start download click button "starte download" )
- it can be also showed the speed of a fan as bar graph or as a binary value
- alle settings can be done in windows software:

extension: "Emergency shutdown / alarm output / pump check"

The emergency shutdown works in this case not over the Windows software but ove the connection "power switch" of the main board. Through that the emergency shutdown is independently of Windows and works much more secure with that.

- With this extension the PC can in the alarm case shutdown or completly switch off.
- In Addition there is another relay with that on the extension an additional fan or a pump in the alarm case can be activated.

In the case of following alarms the emergency shutdown is activated:
- temperature of a sensor rise over the defined value ( overtemp. )
- a temperature sensor turned out
- rate of a pump or flow sensor lies under the defined value or completely breaks down
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