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Default Re: How To Revese Fan Flow?

Originally Posted by XyBeRWaReZ
Actually I was asking on how to reverse the spin, but if it really can't be done with a simple wire switch then I guess doing it the hard way will have to suffice.

If I turn it upside down, it doesn't do anything except that I flipped it around. The air will still be pulled from the all aluminum side and not from the fan bracket/motor side. If that is what you meant.

The only way I can see to do this is proabably 2 ways.

1. Cut off all the blades, turn them around, and expoxy them back onto to fan base. The fan will still spin the same direction, but with the fan blades turned the opposite direction, air direction should be now pushing air through the all aluminum side. Please let me know if this won't work, it seems like it would.
2. a. Take the sticker off the back of the motor.
b. Remove the circle washer that's mounted on the fan blade shaft allowing the blade to release.
c. Maybe cut the front circle of the blade off revealing the magnets and shaft being careful to be clean so that I may reattach the circle to the opposide side the shaft comes out of.
d. Pry the magnet/shaft out of the fan assembly and put in in the side I cut out and maybe having to epoxy it back on.
e. With the circle part I cut off in step 2c, expoxy it on the former back side of the fan assembly.
f. Put the fan blade with the magnet/shaft assembly back into the motor and try to reattach the circle washer.

This seems like a lot to go through, but hopefully in the end it will work the way I want it to. It's a lot of effort and time spent, but I guess when we do something that we enjoy, it's not wasted right?

If anyone has any better suggestions than the one above, PLEASE feel free to shoot me a line.
hmm - what about modding the motor assembly's fixing to the ally fan body so as to hide it behind the grill??

just what does your radioactive fan grill look like? - the only ones i can remember ottomh are seriously restrictive..... maybe forget the grill and operate the fans in "push" mode with the silver side visible??
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