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Okay, I said I cleaned up some of the wiring, so bear witness! I think it looks much better now. I'm starting to feel good about this project again! Now where's that misplaced $600US for my video card and ram :eyebrow:

Notice the single string of molexes running the drives. Much better. I tied up and hid the spare 3 connectors for the u160 SCSI cable under neath the bottom drive bay. I still haven't put my 2nd optical back in, for the reasons mentioned in the posts above this one

Wow. The blue towel I had under the case was really making things look arse-tackular. With the Akasa paxmate sheets in to accompany the thicker packing foam for the pump, things look much cleaner.

Close-up of the tiding. You can see my spice where I put in the (white ARG!!, wont take dye) 90* molex connector. I also spaced the drives apart to give them slightly better ventilation for the time being. When I get my next set of richco anti-vibration mounts, or built the silencing enclosure for the 10K SCSIs, I'll be installing a 120GB fluid-bearing maxtor in that empty spot.

And for those who would like to try their hand at making me a side window...
A layered photoshop file of goliath (pre-powdercoat)is available (1.86MB). A new one will be made as soon as I figure out how to steady the camera again, can't remember how i did it the first time.

If you want all 20MB of the hi-res, we'll have to figure out a better way of transferring it!

I'm also noticing something,my finepix 3800 seems to distort the images I shoot slightly, a mild fisheye effect. Wierd.

On the subject UV lighting, it looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go to smaller 4" UV CCFLs to fit them inside the case. I just can't position the big 12"s where I need them. Oh well. That and the new SCSI cable will be ordered from SVC as soon as I get paid :judge:.

That's all, please email any mods you make to my photoshop file (once you zip it back up) to starbuck3733t AT adelphia D0T net, mmmk?

I'm looking forward to seeing what my fellow modders can do to that file! Let your imagination run wild.

Comments? Questions? Insults?!?
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Project Goliath - nearing completion.
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