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Default Re: Biggest Copper Heatsink?

Okay, let me get some things straight.

1. I'm not knocking on water cooled guys, because I have water cooling equipment myself.
2. The kit I listed above, well check out the reviews. They said the system runs at less thn 15db, which is incredibly respectible for a unit that can cool without as much setup as a watercooled unit. I know, remember I have it too.
3. I'm interested in this project because I want to see if it really can work, through phsyical trial and error and not just by thinking about the theories.
4. If it does work out and I can build a pretty good unit, even though I will understand that this will be in no way efficient as pelts are damn inefficient, I can learn a whole boatload and share with the community and either prove or disprove everyone's theories.
5. It doesn't hurt anyone except for my pocketbook when I shell out the money to learn from my own curiousity.

In the end, no one but me would lose anything. But in actuallity I wouldn't be losing, I'd be gaining a learning experience. It's not like they have schools that you can go to learn just about this.
So with that said, I will continue with my endeavour whether it be stupid or not, but I'd say it's more stupid to not know at all.
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