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Default Homemade PC Water Cooling

Hi guys,
I am planning to water cool my pc and create all parts custom built.I need some expert guidance.
I was of the opinion that longer serial water track in cpu block was better but after reading a post at I am not sure if long serial water track or short parallel water track.The total amount of water in the cpu block would be the same in both cases.As seen people out there create their own water cool system which are very expensive according to me
1) I plan to use 3 mm copper plates as the contact material with the cpu and gpu, water tracks cut in plexiglass fixed on top.Sealed with gasket and then with silicone.3mm copper will be faster to cool and give enough strength to hold against the cpu.
2) A submersible pump(In India we get AC 230 vols operated pumps) A reservoir mounted at a higher level, above the DVD drives.Idea is that water would seek its own level so easy for the pump as it oly has to circulate water.
3) Use P3 cpu cooling fan and its circuit enclosed in plexi glass as water flow indicator.
In India our pc are not on the whole day but they are switched on and off(mains power off) many times in the day.Advantage of using mains operated pump is that the pump would start circulating the water as soon the mains power is switched on even before the soft power button on the pc is pressed and remains on when the pc is shutdown until the mains power is shutdown.
Please guide
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