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Originally Posted by krazy
I am familiar with the Danner Mag3, but I'm almost certain that the 500gph version has the same connections.

The Mag3 has 1/2" inlet and outlet as well, but they are not hose barbs. Rather they are 1/2"NPT tapered pipe thread. Assuming your pump uses the same style as the Mag3, you'll need a male and a female 1/2"npt--1/2"hose barb fittings. Mine needs one male and one female. The male fitting (the typical variety of barb everyone is used to) goes on the inlet, and the female fitting goes on the outlet.

Not the best picture to illustrate this, but whatever. Female-threaded barb in foreground, male-threaded barb in background,
Yeah, thats the problem, it has threaded 1/2" female inlets and outlets. I need those to get it to work.

Would homedepot have those?
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