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man i havent been here in aaggees... this is my crappy computer with my dodgy watercooling stuff heh.. i dont have a pic of the cpu block when it was off the computer but anyway...

the cpu block is an ol' thermaltake heatsink basically..

the GPU block seems to have gotten the name 'the coaster' with a couple of my mates cause i actually made it out of a coaster lol, just the plastic bit, it was a solid piece of plastic but i bored it out on the lathe

the hard drive block ahh... hmm if ya wanna look at that go umm here...
when i made them i had 2 drives but ive gotten rid of them and chucked in a samsung 120gb one, i dont store much on this computer and its PLENTY of room

my computers basically designed around being silent, i dont have any pics but i have 2 pretty big radiators that will run passively pretty good as long as the computer isnt under full load for a long time. i did it like this so i can have my computer on doing stuff while i sleep

the only fan is the PSU fan which ive modified ( )

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