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Here you go, my Revision 2 tube reservoir. Ill post the protos eventually.

This was made from 1 1/4 inch tube, dangerden hi-flow 3/8 barbs, and the cap on top is from my 4 port BayRes. The wierd color is from messing around with food coloring. What looks like cracks to the right is actually some cat hair (?) I didnt notice. And there is a very small leak from the right barb, these were just temporarily sealed with plumbers tape but will be siliconed in when I finalize it. Overall this one works pretty good.

I had to chop the barb on the CSP-Mag and the DD one to make it fit this way, basically i will have the twin mags with thier own res tubes (this being 1 of 2) that will protrude from the top of my case (project Echelon in the mods section). Ill document the making of the second tube.
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