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I have made one out of a project box from radioshack, a maple syrup bottle bottom(round) and cd spindle bottom(my first res). I have tried 2 types of bay reservoirs, overall I dont like them. They are a pain in the butt to fill and even more pain in the butt to remove, you cant do it full so you have to empty everything without spilling all over(if you leave hardware in the case). The acrylic ones are just flat out scarry, i wont ever use that one for more than messin with stuff, I have a coolingworks reservior which is really nice but I still am not in favor of bay reserviors because of reasons stated above.
What I did is put my coolingworks bayrez directly under my soundcard toward the back and connected the pump directly to its output.

I have tried t lines and those have been good, messy, in the way, or didnt work. Worked good in the 1/2" lines, messy and big in 1/2" lines, doesnt really work well with smaller ones, bubbles block water from entering.

one of these days I will make a solid copper one or maybe a billet brass one, I have some copper tubing 2" in diameter just needs some soldering. brass would be sweet.

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