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Heres a few pics of mine which I have just finnished.

1x 1liter bottle - rapidelectonics
2x 3/8" BSPT->14mm OD Barbs - airlines
2x 3/8" BSPT nut - airlines
4x 3/8" BSP washers - airlines
150mm² of 0.8mm alu sheet for the mount
4x pop rivits
So total cost only a few quid. The bottle was 72p iirc.

I havent drilled the mounting holes yet as I need to take my old res out to line it up with the old holes on the mobo tray.
The extra alu that look a bit wrong on the bottom is there to help support it. As im only using 0.8mm thick sheet.. I thought it would definatly need it.
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